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Hollywood's Unlikely Advocates: The Stars Speaking Up for Palestine


You might be surprised by the A-listers advocating for Palestine these days. We're so used to celebrities championing popular, uncontroversial causes like fighting hunger or promoting literacy that their outspoken support of the Palestinians and criticism of Israel can seem jarring. But more and more stars are lending their fame and platforms to raise awareness about human rights abuses and call for an end to the occupation.

From Mark Ruffalo and Susan Sarandon to Viggo Mortensen and Danny Glover, acclaimed actors are signing open letters, speaking at rallies, and using social media to demand justice and equality for the Palestinian people. They're standing up to intense backlash and accusations of anti-Semitism in order to shine a light on the harsh realities of life under Israeli rule. Whether or not you agree with their position, their willingness to take a stand on such a polarizing issue is making space for more open debate on the conflict.

Love them or hate them, these Hollywood advocates are ensuring we can no longer ignore the voices calling out for freedom in Palestine. They're making it clear that being pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli human rights can absolutely go hand in hand. And they're proving that even the most unlikely of allies can help turn the tide of public opinion.

Susan Sarandon and John Cusack Lead the Charge:

Susan Sarandon and John Cusack have long championed Palestinian rights. For decades, the acclaimed actress and actor have vocally opposed Israel's occupation of Gaza and the West Bank.

Sarandon, known for films like Thelma & Louise, has attended pro-Palestine marches and used social media to share stories of suffering Gazans and call on politicians to act. She praised Ireland for recognizing Palestine as a state and asked followers to pressure U.S. officials to demand Israel end its bombardment of Gaza.

Similarly, Cusack has participated in Chicago rallies supporting Palestine and spoken out about the crisis on social media. "I didn't hear death to Israel, I didn't hear death to Jews," he wrote after a protest. "What I heard is - we need to free Palestine from a brutal occupation." The outspoken progressive slammed the media for failing to adequately cover the "hellish" conditions where People in Gaza don't have access to "food, water, and electricity."

While other stars stay silent, Sarandon and Cusack's advocacy for Palestinians facing violence and oppression is brave and admirable. They bring awareness to a humanitarian crisis too often ignored in an industry and country that largely backs Israel. Through protests and posts, these unlikely allies give voice to the voiceless in a conflict where innocents on both sides suffer the consequences of war. Their calls for justice, peace and human rights should not go unheard.

Supermodel Sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid Connect Their Heritage to Advocacy:

With a Palestinian father and experience seeing the suffering of their people firsthand, supermodel sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid have emerged as vocal advocates for the Palestinian cause. Their heritage and background have inspired them to use their substantial social media platforms and public appearances to raise awareness about the plight of Palestinians living under occupation.

On Instagram alone, where Gigi has nearly 80 million followers, she posted: “I have deep empathy and heartbreak for the Palestinian struggle and life under occupation.” Echoing activist Malala Yousafzai’s call for peace, the sisters remind their combined 100 million+ followers that conflict spares no children. They have participated in protests and peace marches, calling for an end to Palestinian suffering and human rights violations.

While some public figures shy away from controversial political stances, the Hadid sisters have shown courage in speaking up about this issue that is deeply personal for their family. Their advocacy helps bring much-needed attention to a crisis that receives little coverage in western media. By using their voices and visibility to share the experiences of distressed Gazans and statements from human rights groups, the sisters are helping to raise awareness of the harsh realities of occupation and hold leaders accountable.

Through their heritage and work, Gigi and Bella Hadid have emerged as unlikely yet impactful advocates bringing attention to the Palestinian cause on an international stage. Their willingness to speak up about this deeply personal issue in the face of potential backlash is a testament to their commitment to human rights and the plight of their people. By raising their voices, the Hadid sisters are helping to increase understanding of the Palestinian struggle worldwide.

Jessica Chastain and Mark Ruffalo Leverage Their Platforms:

With a combined social media following of over 10 million, Jessica Chastain and Mark Ruffalo are using their considerable platforms to raise awareness about the Palestinian struggle.

Echoing activist Malala Yousafzai's call for peace, Chastain reminds her 5 million followers that "war spares no children." On October 18, she expressed dismay that major publications weren't adequately covering tragedies in Gaza.

Ruffalo, known for roles in Avengers films, condemns Israeli officials who call for "eliminating" Palestinian towns. In March, he urged sanctioning officials and denying visas "because of their calls for genocide." He shares stories of suffering children and calls for ceasefires.

These acclaimed actors stand out for advocating Palestinian rights when colleagues stay silent. While promoting causes like #MeToo and climate change, Chastain and Ruffalo make time to amplify Gazans’ voices and demand policy changes. Using their fame to defend human rights, they set an example of moral courage in an industry often hesitant to take political stands.


So there you have it - a handful of Hollywood's most recognizable faces are using their platforms to advocate for the rights of Palestinians and promote a fair and just solution to the conflict. While their stances are controversial and have faced backlash, these celebrities are determined to raise awareness of human rights issues they care deeply about. Their voices add a dose of star power to an important cause that is often misrepresented or ignored. Though just a few famous names among many, their advocacy makes a difference in keeping the conversation going. Who knows, with more celebrities finding the courage to speak up, the tide of public opinion may start to turn. Hollywood's unlikely advocates could end up on the right side of history.


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