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Love and Wrestling: The Heartwarming Stories of WWE Couples"

Today, we delve into the personal lives of our favorite WWE superstars and explore the love stories that have unfolded behind the wrestling ring. Join me as we navigate through the romantic journeys of these WWE couples who not only share a passion for the squared circle but also for each other.

1) Tyson Kidd & Natalya: 

A Love That Withstood the Test of Time Our journey begins with Tyson Kidd and Natalya, a power couple whose love story dates back to 2001. Having grown up together in Calgary, their relationship has spanned over 18 years. From the Hart Dynasty to their documented wedding on Total Divas in 2013, Tyson Kidd and Natalya's love has been a constant amidst the ever-changing world of professional wrestling.

2) Booker T & Sharmell: 

A WCW Romance  Next on our list is the charismatic couple of Booker T and Sharmell. Their love story started in WCW, with Sharmell serving as Booker T's on-screen manager. The year 2005 marked the beginning of their marital journey, and since then, they have built a family with two children.

3) Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella: 

From the Ring to Parenthood The enchanting love story of Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella blossomed in the WWE, where they began dating in 2011. Documented on Total Divas and Total Bellas, their wedding on April 11th, 2014, marked the start of a beautiful family with a daughter and son.

4) The Miz & Maryse: 

A Dynamic Duo On and Off Screen Our list wouldn't be complete without the charismatic duo of The Miz and Maryse. Former champions in their own right, they exchanged vows on February 14th, 2014, in the Bahamas. Today, they continue to captivate the WWE Universe with Maryse serving as the on-screen manager for The Miz.

5) Rusev & Lana: 

A Match Made in WWE Rusev and Lana, a formidable pair in the WWE, also found love outside the ring. Tying the knot on July 29th, 2016, after years of companionship, their real-life chemistry adds an extra layer to their on-screen personas. Lana's Instagram provides a glimpse into their off-screen adventures.

6) Triple H & Stephanie McMahon: 

The Power Couple of WWE No discussion about WWE couples is complete without the power couple of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. From a storyline relationship to a real-life marriage in 2003, they now have three daughters. Often touted as the future leaders of WWE, their love story is intertwined with the very fabric of the wrestling industry.

7) CM Punk & AJ Lee: 

Rebels in Love CM Punk and AJ Lee, two rebels in their own right, found love both in the ring and in real life. Tying the knot on June 13th, 2014, their relationship added a layer of intrigue to WWE storylines. Their union symbolizes a fusion of two unique personalities within the world of professional wrestling.

8) Brock Lesnar & Sable: 

A Private Love Story The private couple of Brock Lesnar and Sable, both iconic in their own ways, got married on May 6th, 2006. Sable, a former WWF Women's Champion, and Lesnar, a heavyweight powerhouse, keep their personal lives away from the public eye, with two children cementing their union.

9) Undertaker & Michelle McCool: 

Love Beyond the Ring The Undertaker, a legend in the wrestling world, found his match in Michelle McCool. Their wedding on June 26th, 2010, in Houston, Texas, marked the beginning of a unique journey. Michelle's Instagram offers a rare glimpse into the life of the Deadman outside the ring.

10) Edge & Beth Phoenix: 

Hall of Fame Romance Edge, a WWE Hall of Famer, and Beth Phoenix, a former Divas and Women's Champion, are a power couple both in and out of the ring. Tying the knot in October 2016, they share a family with two daughters, Lyric and Ruby, making them the first WWE Hall of Famers on our list.

11) Dean Ambrose & Renee Young: 

A Private Celebration of Love Dean Ambrose and Renee Young's love story, initially private, later became a part of WWE storylines. Their private marriage in April 2017 added a layer of mystery to their on-screen personas, and fans witnessed the celebration of their love both inside and outside the ring.

12) Mike & Maria Kanellis: 

Love Beyond the Ring of Honor  Mike and Maria Kanellis, whose love story began in Ring of Honor, entered WWE together in 2017. Married in October 2014, their journey from the independent circuit to the global stage of WWE showcases a love that has withstood the tests of time and career changes.

13) Bianca BelAir & Montez Ford: 

The Future Stars of WWE Bianca BelAir and Montez Ford, two rising stars in WWE, not only share the spotlight in the ring but also share their lives off-screen. Married on June 23rd, 2018, their love story is a testament to the new generation of WWE superstars who find both professional success and personal fulfillment.

14) Becky Lynch & Seth Rollins: 

The Power Couple of Today Two of WWE's biggest stars, Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins, became a real-life power couple. Reportedly marrying in June 2021, their union transcends the boundaries of the squared circle. With the arrival of their daughter, Roux, their journey has entered a new chapter of parenthood.

15) Aleister Black & Zelina Vega: 

A Lesser-Known Love Story Aleister Black and Zelina Vega, a lesser-known WWE couple, tied the knot in 2018. Despite not being in the spotlight as much, their love story adds a layer of personal connection to their on-screen personas. Their journey showcases that love can flourish even away from the glaring lights of the WWE stage.


The love stories of these WWE couples remind us that behind the intense rivalries and thrilling matches, there lies a world of genuine emotion and companionship. From long-standing relationships to newer unions, these couples have navigated the unique challenges of life in the wrestling spotlight. As fans, we celebrate not only their in-ring achievements but also the beautiful love stories that continue to unfold outside the squared circle. Here's to love, both in and out of the ring!

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