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The 10 Greatest Wrestling Talk Shows in History, Ranked

In the world of professional wrestling, the action in the ring often steals the spotlight. But behind the scenes, talk show segments have played a crucial role in shaping storylines, creating memorable moments, and giving wrestlers a platform to showcase their charisma and mic skills. From the hilarious to the dramatic, these talk shows have left an indelible mark on the wrestling landscape. Here are the top 10 wrestling talk shows of all time, ranked:

1. Piper's Pit :

Roddy Piper's legendary talk show segment, Piper's Pit, stands as one of the most iconic and influential in wrestling history. Piper's magnetic personality and quick wit made every episode must-see TV. From confrontations with fellow wrestlers to shocking betrayals, Piper's Pit was a breeding ground for drama and excitement.

2. Highlight Reel:

Hosted by the charismatic Chris Jericho, the Highlight Reel was a platform for unforgettable moments and heated confrontations. Jericho's sharp tongue and ability to stir the pot ensured that every episode was packed with entertainment. From smashing Shawn Michaels' head into his own television to memorable interviews with guests, the Highlight Reel always delivered.

3. Cutting Edge:

 Edge's Cutting Edge talk show was known for its intimate and personal atmosphere. Edge had a knack for drawing out raw emotion from his guests, leading to some of the most compelling segments in wrestling history. Whether he was exposing truths or igniting feuds, Edge's Cutting Edge was always appointment viewing.

4. Miz TV:

 The Miz brought his trademark mix of charisma and arrogance to Miz TV, creating a talk show that was equal parts entertaining and unpredictable. With his quick wit and natural hosting ability, The Miz kept audiences on the edge of their seats with each episode. From memorable interviews to shocking twists, Miz TV was a highlight of WWE programming.

5. Peep Show:

 Christian's Peep Show was a lighthearted and entertaining talk show segment that showcased his infectious personality. Christian's energy and humor made every episode a joy to watch, and his chemistry with guests ensured that Peep Show was always a hit with fans. From comedic banter to serious discussions, Peep Show had it all.

6. A Moment Of Bliss:

 Alexa Bliss brought a unique flair to the world of wrestling talk shows with A Moment Of Bliss. Blending elements of a traditional talk show with the drama of WWE, Bliss created a captivating atmosphere that kept fans tuning in week after week. With her charm and charisma, Bliss made A Moment Of Bliss a standout segment.

7. King's Court:

 Jerry "The King" Lawler's King's Court talk show was a staple of WWE programming during the 90s. With his sharp wit and larger-than-life persona, Lawler played the role of host to perfection. King's Court was the setting for some of the most memorable interviews and confrontations of its time, cementing its place in wrestling history.

8. VIP Lounge: 

MVP's VIP Lounge was a sleek and stylish talk show that perfectly suited his character. As the host of the VIP Lounge, MVP exuded confidence and charisma, creating an atmosphere of exclusivity and intrigue. With his smooth delivery and natural charm, MVP made the VIP Lounge a must-see segment.

9. The Barbershop:

 Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake's Barbershop talk show was known for its unique setting and memorable moments. From Shawn Michaels' infamous betrayal of Marty Jannetty to heated confrontations between rival wrestlers, the Barbershop always delivered high drama and excitement.

10. The KO Show:

 Kevin Owens brought a refreshing and irreverent energy to The KO Show, making it stand out from other talk show segments. With its stripped-down set and no-nonsense approach, The KO Show allowed Owens to showcase his humor and wit. From comedic skits to intense confrontations, The KO Show was always an entertaining watch.

These 10 wrestling talk shows have left an indelible mark on the sport, providing fans with countless memorable moments and captivating performances. Whether it's the drama of Piper's Pit or the humor of The KO Show, these talk shows have helped shape the rich tapestry of professional wrestling history.

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