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Keanu Reeves Opens Up About His Action Career: From Point Break to Speed"

Keanu Reeves, the beloved actor known for his versatility and genuine personality, recently appeared on the podcast "The Art of Action," hosted by his stunt guru Scott Adkins, and shared insights into his action-packed career. In this candid interview, Reeves discussed why he chose films like "Speed" after the success of his action thriller "Point Break."

The Transition from "Point Break" to "Speed": 

Reeves discussed his journey from "Point Break," a successful action film centered on bank-robbing surfers, to the iconic 1994 thriller "Speed." He acknowledged the narrative's apparent shift, from the adrenaline-pumping world of surfing bandits to the intense scenario of a bus rigged to explode if its speed falls below 50mph.

"I'd just done a movie about bank-robbing surfers, and now I'm doing a movie about a bus that can't go over 50mph?" Reeves reflected in his conversation with Adkins. It was fun to get into, and I liked that Jack Traven wanted to do good, like he wanted to save people when he was younger."

The Appeal of the Nonsensical Plot: 

Reeves' admission that the seemingly nonsensical plot was part of the allure of "Speed" was an intriguing revelation. The actor appeared to enjoy the challenge of embracing a plot that defied the conventions of typical action films. Reeves' willingness to pursue unconventional narratives exemplified his desire to keep his career dynamic and unpredictable.
"When I was thinking about Speed, I thought about SWAT guys and cut all my hair off, and the people on the film were screaming at me, 'What have you done?!'" Reeves said of his initial reaction to the concept.

The Joy of Transformation: 

What followed was an enthralling journey of personal transformation for Reeves, both in terms of his character and his physical appearance. The actor joked about going to great lengths to personalize his entire wardrobe for the film. This dedication to playing Jack Traven demonstrated Reeves' dedication to his craft and willingness to fully immerse himself in the roles he takes on.
"It was amusing; I went out and bought the entire wardrobe myself." "Working on Speed allowed me to get back into things I enjoyed, like weapons training, and I got to work with a really great stunt coordinator there in Gary Hymes," Reeves explained.

Behind the Scenes of "Speed": 

Reeves gave an insight into the behind-the-scenes dynamics of "Speed." The 105 motorway was under construction at the time, providing the film crew with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Reeves revealed an intriguing detail about using Tonka Trucks to map out and plan motorway scenes. This hands-on approach to filmmaking emphasised Reeves' involvement beyond acting, demonstrating his enthusiasm for the entire filmmaking process.
"At the time, the 105 motorway was under construction, so we had the entire thing to ourselves." "We laid out the entire thing with Tonka Trucks, which was a lot of fun," Reeves recalled.

"Speed's" Influence and Legacy: 

"Speed" went on to become a critical and commercial success, cementing Keanu Reeves' status as an action star. The film's original premise, combined with Reeves' commitment to authenticity, contributed to its enduring legacy in the action genre. The success of "Speed" not only demonstrated Reeves' ability to play a variety of roles, but it also marked a watershed moment in his career, laying the groundwork for future iconic performances.


Keanu Reeves' journey from "Point Break" to "Speed" provides an enthralling glimpse into the actor's thought process, choices, and dedication to his craft. Reeves' willingness to accept unconventional plots, go through personal transformations, and actively participate in the filmmaking process demonstrates his dedication to keeping his career dynamic and exciting. As fans eagerly await his upcoming projects, this look back at pivotal moments in Reeves' action career only adds to their admiration for an actor who continues to captivate audiences with his authenticity and passion.

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