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AEW Worlds End 2023: Anticipating the Spectacle

As 2023 draws to a close, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) prepares to cap off the year with a bang as Worlds End, their final pay-per-view event, is set to take center stage at the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, New York, on Saturday, December 30. With a stacked card featuring high-stakes matches and intense rivalries, AEW fans are in for a treat. Let's delve into the anticipated matchups, predictions, and the potential impact each bout may have on the AEW landscape.

Headlining Clash: MJF vs. Samoa Joe for AEW World Championship:

The main event promises to be a clash of titans as AEW's resident Long Islander, MJF, defends his AEW World Championship against the formidable Samoa Joe. This marks their second title encounter in New York within a span of 90 days, with MJF seeking to extend his record title reign. However, an underlying storyline adds intrigue, as MJF is reportedly nursing a torn labrum. The potential impact of his injury on AEW, coupled with the looming threat of surgery, adds an extra layer of uncertainty to this marquee matchup.
If MJF's injury becomes part of the narrative, it could lead to interesting dynamics involving key figures like Adam Cole and Roderick Strong, potentially altering the course of AEW storytelling.

Golden Jets' Quest for Tag Team Gold:

On the December 13 episode of AEW Dynamite, The Golden Jets—Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho—issued a challenge for the AEW Tag Team Championship, a challenge promptly accepted by the reigning champions, Big Bill and Ricky Starks. The collision between these two formidable teams promises to be a highlight of Worlds End, with implications for the tag team division.
The Golden Jets' pursuit of tag team gold adds a layer of excitement to the event, and the outcome of this championship bout could potentially reshape the landscape of AEW's tag team division.

Inaugural AEW Continental Classic Climax:

Worlds End serves as the culmination of the inaugural AEW Continental Classic, featuring the championship final that will determine the first-ever AEW Triple Crown Champion. The competitors, Bryan Danielson and Swerve Strickland, will vie for the prestigious title by virtue of winning the new AEW Continental Championship, the ROH World Championship, and the Strong Openweight Championship.
This match is not only about individual glory but also about etching one's name in AEW history as the first Triple Crown Champion. The significance of this bout extends beyond Worlds End, shaping the legacy of the winner and the future of AEW championships.

Diverse Championship Showdowns:

Worlds End boasts a lineup of diverse championship matches that are bound to captivate fans:
  1. TBS Championship: Abadon challenges Julia Hart in a bid to dethrone the current champion. The clash for the TBS Championship promises to be a showcase of women's wrestling prowess.

  2. Andrade vs. Miro: A singles match that pits Andrade against Miro, adding another layer of intensity to the event. Both competitors bring their unique styles, and the outcome could have ramifications for the singles division.

  3. TNT Championship: Adam Copeland takes on Christian Cage in a TNT Championship showdown. The battle for this coveted title adds star power to the event and promises a display of technical prowess.

  4. AEW Women’s Championship: Rhio faces Toni Storm in a match for the AEW Women’s Championship. This encounter highlights the depth of talent in AEW's women's division, with both competitors vying for supremacy.

  5. Tag Team Clash: FTR goes head-to-head with the House of Black in a tag team match that showcases the tag team division's competitive spirit. The dynamics of this bout could influence future tag team storylines.

Additional Singles Showdowns:

Beyond the championship matches, Worlds End features compelling singles matchups that promise to deliver in-ring excitement and storytelling:

  1. Konosuke Takeshita vs. Kota Ibushi: A singles match that brings together two dynamic performers, promising a display of athleticism and hard-hitting action.

  2. Lance Archer vs. Sting: An intriguing singles match that spans generations, pitting the powerhouse Lance Archer against the iconic Sting. This clash of styles adds a nostalgic touch to the event.

  3. Kris Statlander vs. Sky Blue: A singles match featuring Kris Statlander and Sky Blue, showcasing the depth of AEW's women's roster. The outcome could have implications for future title opportunities.

  4. Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Paul Wight: A hard-hitting singles match between Powerhouse Hobbs and Paul Wight, where strength and agility collide. The clash of these two formidable competitors promises a physical encounter.


AEW Worlds End 2023 is poised to be a fitting culmination of AEW's eventful year. With a diverse card featuring championship clashes, tag team rivalries, and singles showdowns, the event promises to deliver on multiple fronts. As AEW continues to evolve and push the boundaries of professional wrestling, Worlds End stands as a testament to the promotion's commitment to providing fans with compelling storytelling and high-quality in-ring action. As the countdown to December 30 begins, anticipation builds for an unforgettable night that will shape the AEW landscape heading into the new year.


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