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Pedro Alonso Returns as Berlin in Netflix's "Berlin": A Prequel to the Money Heist Phenomenon

Netflix is set to captivate audiences once again with its highly anticipated prequel to the global phenomenon "Money Heist." The spinoff titled "Berlin," centered around the character Berlin, portrayed by Pedro Alonso, is slated for release on December 29. As fans eagerly await this new installment, Pedro Alonso shares insights into his iconic role and what viewers can expect from the upcoming series.

Pedro Alonso, who plays the character Berlin, admits to the complexity of his role in "Money Heist." Berlin, an emotional terrorist, is known for his sophisticated yet slightly psychotic demeanor. Despite succumbing to a terminal illness in the original series, Berlin's presence has continued to resonate with fans through flashbacks, making him a beloved character. Now, in the prequel, audiences will witness Berlin at the height of his thieving career, orchestrating a new heist in the city of love, Paris.

In a recent interview, Alonso discussed the challenges and delights of portraying Berlin. He acknowledged the character's enigmatic nature, describing Berlin as a "volcano" with a tumultuous emotional core. While "Money Heist" showcased Berlin's strategic brilliance in heists, the prequel promises a lighter tone with more comedic and romantic elements. Alonso emphasized the theme of love in the spinoff, teasing viewers with the prospect of Berlin navigating romantic comedy territory.

The narrative of "Berlin" unfolds before the events of "Money Heist," providing a deeper understanding of the character's backstory. The prequel explores Berlin's personal and professional life, offering a fresh perspective on the character's complexities. As a mastermind burglar and strategist, Berlin's morally reprehensible yet captivating nature adds depth to the storyline.

One of the significant plot points in "Berlin" involves a new heist orchestrated by Berlin and a team of thieves. Their ambitious plan aims to steal €44 million ($48 million) in a single afternoon. This sets the stage for a thrilling and high-stakes narrative that fans of the original series are sure to appreciate.

The success of "Money Heist" has catapulted Pedro Alonso and the entire cast into international stardom. Alonso acknowledged the positive impact of the show on his career and expressed gratitude for the opportunities it has provided. The collaboration between Vancouver Media and Netflix marked a pivotal moment, turning "Money Heist" into a global phenomenon. Alonso emphasized the confidence and support he receives from the production team, contributing to the evolution of the series.

Beyond the individual success stories, "Money Heist" has played a crucial role in reshaping the landscape of Spanish television. The global success of the show has opened doors for more Spanish productions to reach international audiences. Alonso highlighted the revolutionary changes in Spanish storytelling, attributing it to the global exposure gained by shows like "Money Heist."

The surge in Spanish-language content on streaming platforms, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu, reflects a growing appetite for diverse and compelling narratives. Alonso noted the transformative impact of streaming giants investing in Spanish productions, leading to a surge in the industry's competitiveness. The success of Spanish-language films like "Argentina, 1985" and the expansion of Netflix's production hub in Tres Cantos underscore the industry's promising trajectory.

Pedro Alonso concluded the interview with a touch of humor, acknowledging Netflix's unique ability to bring characters back to life. Reflecting on the unpredictability of the entertainment industry, he expressed excitement about Spanish production firmly establishing itself on the global map.

As "Berlin" prepares to premiere on December 29, fans can anticipate a captivating blend of heist thrills, romance, and a deeper exploration of Berlin's character. The prequel promises to be a worthy addition to the "Money Heist" universe, offering fans new insights into the world of high-stakes robberies and the enigmatic mastermind, Berlin.

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