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WWE's Missed Opportunities: Introducing the Top 8 Most Wasted Talents in History.

WWE, under the visionary leadership of Vince McMahon, has been a platform that propels some wrestlers into superstardom while others fade into obscurity. The likes of Hulk Hogan, John Cena, and Roman Reigns have been pushed to the forefront, but not every talented wrestler gets their fair share. Today, we delve into the realm of missed opportunities and unfulfilled potentials as we explore the top 8 most wasted talents in the history of WWE.

1- Sting:

Sting, a true icon in the wrestling world, found himself underutilized in WWE, with the Monday Night Wars serving as a lingering reason for this missed opportunity. Making his WWE debut at the age of 64, his prime years were already behind him. Limited to just a few matches, Sting's time outside WWE was a wasted chapter, and his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2016 felt like a belated acknowledgment.

2- Owen Hart:


The untimely death of Owen Hart marked a tragedy in the wrestling community, and it also meant a loss of a potentially great Heavyweight Champion. Despite his superior skill set, charisma, and popularity in the locker room, Owen mostly remained a mid-carder. His unexpected victory over his brother at WM X showcased his potential, but he never got the recognition associated with his immense talent.

3- Frankie Kazarian:

Known affectionately as "Kaz," Frankie Kazarian had a brief stint with WWE in 2005. Despite a decent win streak, he foresaw a lack of potential and abruptly asked for his release. A master on the microphone with unmatched in-ring presence, Kazarian's success in Impact and ROH hinted at the legend WWE missed out on.

4- Tyler Breeze:

From Charismatic Shawn Michaels to a Laughing Stock, Tyler Breeze, envisioned as a more charismatic Shawn Michaels, had the wrestling world captivated. A pure heel with looks, appeal, and abilities to be a top Main Event talent, Breeze was unfortunately turned into a laughing stock and used as mere comedy relief. The comparison to "Mr. Wrestlemania" became a missed opportunity for WWE.

5- Sonya Deville: 

The MMA Fighter Overlooked, A former MMA fighter and the first openly lesbian professional wrestler, Sonya Deville, is both gorgeous and fierce. With Mandy Rose by her side, she could have been a formidable opponent for the likes of Ronda Rousey. However, she is rarely seen and underutilized in the ring, leaving fans waiting for her time to shine.

6- Rusev:

The Bulgarian Brute Lost in the Shadows, Rusev, the "Bulgarian Brute," started his WWE career as a hated figure, successfully feuding with the likes of John Cena. However, rumors of his departure and a prolonged absence have left fans questioning his status. "Rusev Day" chants echo in the background as this once-promising talent remains missing in action.

7- Robert Roode:

Glorious Fading Away, Bobby Roode, gloriously successful in Impact and NXT, was expected to be a Main Event level superstar in WWE. Despite a brief stint as a Tag Team Champion, Roode has been forgotten and relegated to a mere extra. His potential as a competitor is not taken seriously, a glorious waste that leaves fans yearning for more.

8- Ethan Carter III (EC3):

EC3 The Unseen Comparison to John Cena, comparable to John Cena in the TNA/Impact brand, showcased his talent in NXT, gaining significant fan interest. However, he is now "invisible," rarely seen on television, and criminally neglected in terms of ring time. A Main Event talent, EC3 finds himself not even booked on the Pre-Show, a stark contrast to his earlier trajectory.


As we reflect on these eight talents, it becomes evident that WWE's creative decisions and managerial choices have led to missed opportunities and unexplored potential. Whether due to bad timing, lack of recognition, or shifting priorities, these wrestlers represent a fraction of the untapped brilliance within the WWE universe. Wrestling fans can only hope that the future holds better utilization of talent and a more equitable distribution of opportunities within the squared circle.

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